Anthony J. Metzger

Date of Birth: 09/15/1947
Neighborhood: Torresdale
High School: Northeast Catholic High School
Street: Helmer Drive
Branch of Service: Navy
Rank: FN
Date of Casualty: 02/07/1970
Province of Casualty:
Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 20
Panel Row: 11

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The 1966 Northeast Catholic High School graduate became a Navy boat mechanic in Vietnam and was under constant fire as he repaired engines on river patrol craft as-signed to the NHA be Naval Base, Saigon detachment. He was due to return home on Feb. 7, 1970, but drowned on Feb. 2, 1970, he in a fell from a pier. The 22-year-old engineman and fireman was survived by his mother and three sisters.

Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial