Michael D. Griffis

Date of Birth: 12/12/1948
Neighborhood: West Oak Lane
High School: Cardinal Dougherty High School
Street: Woolston Avenue
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: SP4
Date of Casualty: 04/07/1964
Province of Casualty: Lam Dong
Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 12
Panel Row: 4

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Griffis was thinking of making a career of the Army. He loved his country and felt strongly about defending it. He enlisted in December 1967. He sent home a card at Christmas 1968, writing “May there be Peace in our heart. Peace in our homes. Peace in the nation. Peace in the family of nations.” He dreamed of raising a family, but not until there was peace. The 20-year-old specialist four, an automatic rifleman, was on his second tour in Vietnam and was assigned to Company B of the 3rd Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade when he died on April 7, 1969. He had attended Cardinal Dougherty High School for two years. Griffis, who was awarded a Silver Star posthumously, was survived by his parents, five brothers and two sisters.

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