Dieter W. Dietz

Date of Birth: 01/29/1935
Neighborhood: Tioga
High School: Northeast High School
Street: N. Broad Street
Branch of Service: Air Force
Rank: MSGT
Date of Casualty: 11/26/1966
Province of Casualty:
Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 8
Panel Row: 4

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The career Air Force sergeant, a jet engine mechanic, was on his second tour of duty in Vietnam when a C-47 transport plane on which he was riding crashed on Nov. 26, 1966. He was assigned to the 388th Field Maintenance Squadron. Dietz bad attended Northeast High School before enlisting in 1953. Air Force assignments had taken him to Germany, England, Greenland, Okinawa and Thailand, and he had hoped the war would soon be over so he could travel to other countries. The 31-year-old master sergeant was survived by his wife, two Sons, a daughter, his father and a brother.

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