Martin Brown

Date of Birth: 03/13/1946
Neighborhood: West Philadelphia
High School: Edward Bok Vocational High School
Street: Commerce Street
Branch of Service: Navy
Rank: BT3
Date of Casualty: 05/23/1969
Province of Casualty:
Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 4
Panel Row: 7

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"Marty" Brown was a lovable and caring per. son, family and friends recall. He often helped elderly neighbors carry groceries home and shoveled their sidewalks in winter. Brown was a Boy Scout and a church usher, and as a youngster delivered newspapers. He was a quarterback on West Philadelphia High School's varsity football team, leaving school to enlist in the Navy in February 1965. He loved the USS King, the first ship on which he had ever sailed, and was happy to be reassigned to the guided missile frigate when his sea tour of Vietnam began in December 1967. The 23-year-old boiler technician third class sent a Mother's Day orchid home shortly is. Fore he died in an explosion aboard the King on May 23, 1969. He was survived by his mother and a sister.

Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial