Ronald D. Briggs

Date of Birth: 03/24/1944
Neighborhood: Fishtown
High School: Northeast Catholic High School
Street: N. Palethorpe Street
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: CAPT
Date of Casualty: 02/06/1969
Province of Casualty:
Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 3
Panel Row: 18

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Briggs was a mission collector and section of-ficer at Northeast Catholic High School be-fare graduating in 1962. He enlisted in the Army and went to Armor Officer Candidate School. Briggs was assigned to an armored unit in Vietnam. The 24-year-old captain offichilly was reported missing in action on Feb. 6, 1969, when radio contact was lost with the aircraft on which he was riding in Quang Tn Province. He was survived by his parents. Briggs was one of nine MIAs from Philadelphia, and one of at least 11 young men from the Fishtown-Kensington-Port Richmond neighborhoods to die on be missing in action in Vietnam. All are honored on the CpI. Charles J. Glenn 3rd Memorial in Fishtown, dedicated in 1967 and one of the first memorials to Vietnam veterans in the United States

Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial